By joining a writing community, aspiring authors can gain benefits that contribute to the fundamental steps of becoming a better writer. Writing communities can be found all over Nottingham. Some of the groups are membership-based where others are more set on being as relaxed and casual as possible.

Here we look at some of the most important benefits of joining a writing community.

Getting your Work Proofread

Being your proofreader is never enough. Getting your work proofread by other writers who are not familiar with you or your work is vital in growing as a writer. When writing a story, mistakes can happen easily without realising it when proofreading. When other writers proofread your work, simple mistakes can be learned from.

Learn to Endure and Give Critique

Critique is vital in becoming a more fluent and determined writer. Nobody enjoys being at the receiving end of critique but it’s an important part of becoming a better writer. Giving out critique also helps the other writers.

Learn More About the Publishing Industry

When not simply writing for the fun of it and wanting to make a career for yourself through getting work published, it’s important to learn how the industry works. Other writers can share their experiences about success and failure in getting work published.

It Drives you to Work Even Harder

Meeting other writers regularly can help to inspire you in writing better work and put in more effort. Writing groups are known to bring inspiration and the writers advise one another on how to become better.

Meet Professionals in the Business

Some of the writing communities are sometimes joined by professional writers to give advice. Seminars are organised regularly from the membership-based writing communities proving a chance to meet famous authors or experienced professionals in the publishing industry.

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