Nottinghamshire has many writers and aspiring authors. Due to the popularity and number of writers, there are also many publishing houses catered to the local writers. With self-publishing becoming evident in today’s life, it’s still important to try and get published by a publishing house.

Publishing houses can offer writers more services and they have dedicated professionals for marketing and selling. Without a publishing house releasing a book, a writer will probably have less chance of selling high volumes of their work.

This article provides an overview of some of the most trusted and loved publishing houses in Nottinghamshire.

Angry Robot Books

Angry Robot is a publishing house that was established in 2009 in Nottingham. They mainly specialise in science fiction and fantasy with the inclusion of other genres. A great aspect of this publishing house is that they release their books internationally and not only to the UK market.

Five Leaves

Five Leaves Publications is a traditional English Press that was founded in Nottingham in 1996. Being a small publishing house, they release up to 15 new titles every year. Most of the topics they publish are related to politics and local history. They organise many book festivals in Nottinghamshire.

Monsoon Books Ltd

Monsoon Books are all about publishing books on Asian culture and heritage. The company was first established in Singapore in 2002 and soon set up an office in Leicester. The company’s goal was to spread interest in Asian themes and culture over Europe. The authors from Monsoon write about fiction and nonfiction around travel, food, crime, and biographies.

The Book Guild LTD

The Book Guild is based in Leicester and was founded over 30 years ago. They aspire to give new and talented writers the chance to start their careers with artistic freedom. The Book Guild is a large publishing house that releases up to 100 books per year. Their categories include fiction, poetry, nonfiction, biography, and travel.

All these publishing houses are located across Nottinghamshire and work as independent and professional publishing houses.

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