Publishing a book is not just about sending it to a publisher and hoping for the best. Firstly, a plan needs to be in place to know exactly how you would want it published and what the preferred outcome should be.

This article provides information on how to plan a book to get published.

Determine the Genre

Most publishers focus on one or two specific genres. Some may only publish fiction and others will only publish non-fiction and biographies. A publishing company may reject your effort due to the genre not applying to them. Identify which genre your work is dedicated to and contact publishing houses that cater to that specific genre.

Choose How You Would want the Book Published

In today’s life, going with a publishing house is not the only option out there. A writer can get a book published in a variety of ways including traditional publishing, contractor publishing, or self-publishing. Researching all the options is vital in making the right decision.

Publishing houses are the best options for getting as many books sold as possible whereas self-publishing or part-self publishing can create more artistic freedom.

Research Publishing Companies

When deciding on getting a book published by a publishing house, it’s important to get an agent to help guide you in the right direction. Research into the various publishing houses around and what they offer can help the agent to know what you are striving for.

The agent will talk to various publishers to see what the best offers are, and the best benefits will be to sign to any of them. Signing to a publisher is usually contract-based and should be considered a major decision in a writing career.

Prepare Submissions

Agents and publishers have different requirements for how works need to be submitted. The materials usually consist of a Query letter, novel synopsis, proposals, and sample chapters. It’s vital to follow the submission requirements for the best results and a professional work relationship.

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