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Nottinghamshire has many writers and literature lovers which makes sense when looking at the number of great authors and publishing houses from the city of Nottinghamshire.

Publishing Houses

Book publishing houses play a vital role in the industry to get books onto the market. Getting people to read a book is near impossible when not reaching out to a publishing house. Nottinghamshire has a great number of publishing houses providing authors and writers with the best services in getting their books into the public eye.

We release posts on the top publishing houses in Nottinghamshire and information on how publishing houses operate and process books.

Writing Communities

Writing communities are one of the best ways to learn more about writing and the whole industry of book publishing. Writing communities in Nottinghamshire are popular especially with new writers wanting to know more about how their work may be seen by others and how to improve.

We regularly post articles about where to find the best writing communities and groups in Nottinghamshire. Some writing communities work with seminars, classes, and memberships while others work in a more relaxed and informal manner.